Kick Cravings to the Curb and Jumpstart your Well-Balanced Lifestyle with the 5-Day Reset.

Change isn’t easy. But I’ve got you covered.

Small steps are all it takes to jumpstart a Well-Balanced Lifestyle.
That’s the idea behind the 5-Day RESET Challenge. In only five days, you’ll be on your way to a healthier version of YOU.

Well-Balanced Lifestyle 5-Day Reset

The 5-Day RESET is a nutritionally balanced meal-replacement program designed to help you end your destructive relationship with food and help you start successfully managing your weight. For five days, you’ll replace your trigger foods – especially simple carbohydrates – with healthier alternatives including delicious meal replacement shakes, to calm those cravings to help you begin to RESET your habits for good.

IT IS POSSIBLE to reduce the endless cycle of carbohydrate cravings and begin a lifetime of healthy habits with the 5-Day RESET. Small steps are all it takes to jumpstart a Well-Balanced Lifestyle and in just five days, you’ll be on your way to a healthier version of YOU.

This Program Will Help You

Control Your Cravings

Support Your Gut Health

Make You Feel Better

All in 5 Days

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How the RESET Works:

  • Replace two meals a day with Nutrimeal shakes (typically breakfast and lunch)
  • Eat one low-glycemic meal per day (typically dinner)
  • Eat two whole food, low glycemic snacks during the day
  • Take AM/PM HealthPaks Daily (multivitamins)
  • Take Probiotics Daily
  • Follow a moderate exercise program
  • Sleep 7-9 Hours
  • Drink up to 2 litres of water a day.

What you will receive:

  • Welcome audio from Teresa Ryce, Health and Nutrition Coach
  • Daily emails with tips and information from Teresa
  • Your 5-Day RESET Kit
  •  A 5-Day Low Glycemic Meal Plan, recipes and shopping list
  • Access to the 5-Day Reset community

  Inside the Kit:

  • 15 single-serving pouches of Low Glycemic Nutrimeal
  • 5 stick packs of USANA® Probiotic
  • 5 AM/5 PM HealthPak™ packets
  • Daily Tracker
  • Program guide with healthy, whole food snack suggestions

The 5-Day RESET Kit

Your supplements are powered by the quality of USANA.

Teresa Ryce

Your Wellness Coach who will walk you through your 5-Day Rest.

Benefits of the 5-Day RESET:

  •  Control carb and sugar cravings
  •  Increased energy all day long
  •  Restful sleep
  •  Gut health support
  •  Feel great
  •  Understand healthy eating, proper nutrition, and what supplements to take
  •  Connect with other like-minded people

Research shows that eating low-glycemic foods as part of a balanced diet is a healthy way to help control hunger and start losing weight


As the foundation of a nutritious diet, low-glycemic foods release energy slowly and do not cause drastic blood glucose spikes and crashes. Therefore, you don’t feel hungry as quickly, so you don’t feel an overwhelming need to eat, which may help you lose weight. In addition, the fibre content of the Nurtrimeal Shakes helps provide a long-lasting sense of fullness to help reduce hunger levels throughout the day.

What People are saying about the Reset

Jayne N.

As someone who constantly craved snacks in the evening, I recognized that it was time for a change. After signing up with the 5-day reset, I found my physical cravings began to stop. I needed help with the emotional cravings and Teresa was there every step of the way for me. I recommend this system for anyone who could use the added support that is needed to curb cravings.

Find the Healthier Version of You

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Once you have registered for the 5-Day RESET, you will receive a welcome email, which will provide additional information about the program and link you to a questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire is necessary as it will help me get to know you a little better, and it is where you will choose the Nutrimeal meal replacement shake flavour for your RESET Kit.

*friend must purchase a 5-Day RESET kit