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Have you ever thought to yourself;  “I wish I were bolder”. Or, “I wish I took more risks”? Being bold is all about learning how to trust yourself, and by getting outside of your comfort zone to do things you have always wanted to do. I will help you unlearn the negative (false) beliefs that have held you back and controlled aspects of your life.  In removing these blocks, you will discover that you can develop new bold habits, gain a deeper sense of trust in yourself, and finally do the things you've always wanted to do.


Self-confidence may come naturally to some, but for many it is something that needs to be worked on, much like a new skill.  Once a new skill is practiced regularly, it can quickly become a new healthy habit, and eventually a new way of being allowing you to shine from within.


If you feel lost, or unsure of who you are; reconnecting with yourself to gain a deeper sense of purpose with more clarity and direction is key.  Regaining your energy and focusing in on your passions will help you rediscover the essence of who you are. Together, we will work on discovering the real you and seeing your life and goals with fresh eyes.

Areas of Focus


Here are some of the key skills you will develop as a result of working with me as your personal coach;


  • How to love and accept yourself

  • How to capitalize on your strengths

  • How to overcome obstacles

  • How to move beyond your comfort zone

  • How to improve your mindset

  • How to get more clarity on what it is you want

  • How to develop empowering habits

  • How to improve your ability to learn from mistakes and failures

  • How to explore your passions




Your first ‘in-person’ session will include a 90-minute discovery session, where we will review your welcome packet, go over your questionnaires, and establish your coaching objectives.



Prior to scheduling our next session, I will send you a Coaching Session Prep Form which you can complete and return to me within 24 hours of our next scheduled appointment.  During our follow-up coaching sessions, we will review your answers, your objectives and anything new you would like to discuss.  These sessions will typically last 60 minutes.



After each coaching session, you will receive a ‘session summary’, which will include a list of ‘actionable steps’.

What to Expect


In between our scheduled coaching sessions, you are free to touch base with me via email or text.


Any calls required in between our scheduled sessions will depend on my availability.


Impromptu calls should be no more than 10 minutes in length.


If a call exceeds 10 minutes, the conversation will be chargeable based on a minimum charge of a 30-minute coaching session.


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