“Coaching has brought me a sense of peace I never knew was missing. I had become so complacent with a fragmented existence it became my new normal. Teresa has helped me to align all the pieces of my life. She does not instruct you with a “to do” list. With Teresa’s ongoing support and guidance, she helped me evolve a goal-centered plan and execute those steps to create better harmony in all facets of my life. You owe it to yourself to try this.”


~ Kathi 

"I met Teresa at a women's networking event 2 years ago, and I remember how I felt so at ease chatting to her, even though I had just met her. 

We worked together through many coaching sessions, and Teresa has been my supporter and cheerleader as I learned to trust my own decisions and move forward in life.  


She’s been there to guide me to continue following my path and my dream, and to learn to trust what my heart and soul desire.

Teresa inspires me, and she’s truly an amazing person, I never get enough of her soul-feeding sessions. She has awesome energy and I would totally recommend her for any woman who is trying to make changes in her life and feels stuck and doesn’t know where to begin. Teresa’s your go-to-girl!"


~ Hedaya 

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