What's for dinner? We all dread that question...and for good reason, no one wants to wait until the last minute to try to prepare something nutritious and healthy - that's stressful! 

Not to worry, I've got you covered!


I've teamed up with a group of registered dietitians and culinary professionals to create meal plans that will help you achieve your health goals. The recipes are all thoroughly tested to ensure they're tasty, easy to prepare, and nutritious. No matter your cooking experience, you'll be able to follow along with our simple, easy-to-follow recipes. So sit back, relax, and let us take care of not only dinner but breakfast, lunch and snacks too! 


Healthy & Delicious

All meal plans include tasty, nutritious foods customized to fit your lifestyle.


Full and Complete

Breakfast, lunch and dinner - with every meal plan, you'll never have to ask, "What should we eat?" ever again. 

Detailed and Accurate

As you customize your plans, nutrition facts and smart grocery lists will automatically adjust. 

Simple and Affordable

There's never been a better way to help you eat great food without agonizing about what to make. 

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How it works 

You'll begin by choosing a plan from the pre-made meal plans. (You can find a list of all the available pre-made plans above.)

Meal plans are available in 5-day or 3-day plans, depending on your preferences and schedule. This gives you plenty of flexibility to enjoy meals outside of the home, entertain guests, or eat leftovers. No matter which option you choose, you'll have the tools and support you need to make healthy eating a sustainable part of your lifestyle.

The meal plans are designed to be interactive and fully customizable to meet your individual needs and preferences. You have the flexibility to add or remove recipes as desired, and you can adjust the number of servings to accommodate your family size or to create leftovers. As you make changes to your meal plan, the nutrition facts for each meal, day, and week will be automatically updated to reflect these changes.  

The smart grocery list feature helps you keep track of all the ingredients you need to purchase at the store, making it easier to plan your meals and streamline your shopping trip. This can save you time and effort and help you stay organized as you work to maintain a healthy diet.

For a low monthly fee of $10, you can access pre-populated meal plans, which include more than 30 recipes per week and allow you to switch out meals from the recipe database. This price offers excellent value and makes it easy to follow healthy eating habits.

Alternatively, you can work with me one-on-one to create a custom meal plan from scratch. With thousands of dietitian-approved recipes that are tasty and easy to prepare, I can design a meal plan tailored specifically to your needs and preferences.