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What do you need right now?

Jul 22, 2020

I don’t know about you but at the beginning of the pandemic I was scrolling through social media feeds and seeing posts about “if you don’t come out of the other side of this with a new business or more clients or Xyz” ….Quite honestly I was starting to panic a bit .. I was thinking oh my they are right I have all this time I should be more productive. I should do this I should do that I should do, do, do … How about just breathe, maybe that’s a better idea.

Luckily, I was on a call shortly after this "panic" set in and there were two questions the presenter asked himself every day that really resonated with me. I share them below.

  1.  What do I need right now?
  2. What’s going to make a difference today?

When I heard these questions, I thought yes these help me make better use of my day vs scrolling through social media and “freaking” out.

What do I need right now and What’s going to make a difference today?

Here is what I need right now:

I need to keep working on my Holistic Nutrition course, my Wellness Program, working out and making healthy food choices.

Here is what is going to make a difference today:

Connecting with my “peeps” online for coffee chats and to simply keep working away at things at the same pace I was working on them prior to having to stay at home. I don’t need to ramp up anything I was doing; I was on a perfectly good path before any of this and I can still keep on that same path.

It has taken me quite a few weeks to settle into a new routine and keep focused on what I was meant to do, but these two questions are helping me stay on track.

Where could you use these questions to focus on what you need right now and what can truly make a difference in your day?

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